Hey people! For starters, I’ve often got threatened of closed account on Patreon due to the extreme nature of some works and as of lately, Tumblr, who kind of let us down hentai artists really bad, so I finally opened this website with the help of a very good pal, Bobbq, from Kupaa network (thanks again man!) to get an independant and more stable platform to safely build upon. So, no more backstabbing, third party bait and switch policy forcing me to shut down my content anymore. Get everything fresh, raw and uncensored right here!

I’m currently reviewing and redistributing some personnal projects that haven’t received proper love, weren’t distributed on appropriate platforms or never even got uploaded, all in the member area.
Mind that all my next uploads will always be published on here, with a focus on humanoid girls and 50% hardcore, 25% EFRO 25% organic, meaty fetish stuff.

Happy scrolling and thanks for the support and being part of the reason I keep on drawing!

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