By submitting a commissioned order, the requestor agrees to the following terms and conditions, in accordance with the terms of service.
Feel free to contact me about your commission for any type of work if it fits in the spectrum of the nature of the works found on this website.


Most of the samples in my galleries will define what I usually stick to, but or the sake of this ToS, I will define it as oriented toward biological females exclusively.

Generally, I work toward all body types, tough I got a weakness for shortstacks and meaty girls. All body shapes are allowed and encouraged but I try to stay in the healthy domains without hitting the extremes, such as morbidly obese and skeletal, underfed silhouettes.  As long as body types are humanoid (two arms, two legs, and human features) details can be further discussed.

Same thing for explored sexual activities and fetishes, although I usually dissect them in two distinct categories; hardcore and extreme, with some slight connection trough the anal keyword. Anything anal-related truly have a chance of contribute to the ever-growing archive of work here.
The gallery is once again your safest bet to know what I usually stick to, but I can explore anything related to EFRO/watersport/light scat play in more adventurous ways. There are obvious risks brought with some extreme practices (ingestion, etc…) I do not wish to promote but anything safe usually goes.

The things I won’t do are: underage subjects and zoophilia (I don’t mind animal shaped dildos and props). That’s basically it. Violent gore is a no, altough I like non-violent gore, like those from x-rays. It’s only a matter of context, I don’t wish to promote violence in any way, for that reason, non-consensual rape scenes are also automatically refused.


I reserve to myself the copyrights of each produced pictures and to use these picture as promotional ends or as any user interface material.
I also always try to give public exclusivity to my website members first and avoid making them public as soon as they’re available.
All further details are discussed with customers requesting commissions based on the nature of the request.


Consider each piece done with equal care both for the linework and the coloring. For that reason I don’t do sub-product such as sketches or black and white only pictures and charge for both.
I only accept payments trough paypal, in american dollars, paid entirely upfront. An invoice is generally sent after discussing the commissoned work.
Use the pricing grid below as a base to fix prices but understand it does not necessarily reflect the final cost, I will always confirm with a customer the final price before requesting an invoice.

One character, no background220$USD
+ Complex character adjustments
One character with background450$USD
+ Complex character adjustments
Two characters, no background
+ Complex character adjustments
Two characters with background
+ Complex character adjustments
Complex character adjustment (complex costume design, morphology, etc.)
Generally between +30$USD and +100$USD

Alternative version of pictureGenerally between +45$USD and +80$USD


I send the final HD picture product file via dropbox. Works are generally done within 2 to 4 weeks.