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Ankha set update!

The set is made of 4 pictures, about 2000×2000 px .My first attempt at a smoother/fat linework with pencils after a long hiatus, just trying to have fun.Of course we made a joke about this… Versions including fetish alts are available from the member area!

Freya Crescent update

Altough some versions where private in the past or never uploaded online, I finally managed to put those together, tossing some extra versions and decided to give that rodent hottie her sportlight in a whole picture set! This set includes 5 versions; naked and anal sex in the member’swild gallery and anal prolapse, farting, scat […]

Widowmaker set update

It’s been a while she’s used in the promo pics, so I was looking forward completing that small set with WM, featuring two wild-rated pictures and two extreme ones.Wild versions are made of a single show-off pose and the other showing her being double penetrated while using her x-ray vision ultimate ability.Extremes ones include a […]

Arloth’s mad science set released!

My first official update is with my official “Extreme” mascot: Arloth, the teapot imp. On this serie she experiments with some x-rays. Due the gorish nature of x-rays depicting her organs, I put it up only in the extreme gallery, but I never upload gore, blood or other subjects of violent nature. I stick to […]


Hey people! For starters, I’ve often got threatened of closed account on Patreon due to the extreme nature of some works and as of lately, Tumblr, who kind of let us down hentai artists really bad, so I finally opened this website with the help of a very good pal, Bobbq, from Kupaa network (thanks […]